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2018 NH3 Safety Schools

August 17th thru October 12th

The 2018 NH3 Safety Schools are offered through the combined efforts of IFCA and the Illinois Department of Agriculture. IFCA and IDA prepare the content of the course and instructors cover topics and issues related to NH3 safety!




August 17th thru
October 12th

Registration is now open for classroom training.

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Updated Sep 23, 2018

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IFCA 2018 Dicamba Survey Report

The results of the 2018 IFCA Dicamba Survey are available in the report below.  

2018 Pesticide Container Recycling Program

Click on the heading above to see the dates and locations to recycle triple rinsed and properly prepared pesticide containers.  The IDA will accept HDPE #2 plastic 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon and under plastic drums with tops and bottoms cut off, fittings discarded and slit down the side, and colored IBC containers that are cut up into 1 foot square pieces.  The recycler will also accept minibulk cage containers cut into separate top, bottom and side pieces.  They MUST be free of all metal, wood and fittings.  All containers must be clean and triple rinsed with no residue on the plastic.  If you plan to bring mini-bulk containers to a recycling event, please call IDA ahead of time at 217.785.2427 and ask for Rick Severns.  IDA needs to know in advance how many minibulks you will be bringing.  

Dicamba Stewardship, Training & Links to Illinois Specialty Crop and Sensitive Areas

Classroom training ended on March 28, 2018.  Click here to learn about on-line training opportunities and for other dicamba resources including understanding inversions, keeping weather records, etc. 
Link to FieldWatch / DriftWatch.  FieldWatch is a Illinois Specialty Crop Registry.
Link to Illinois Department of Nature Resources Sensitive Areas. This map is a interactive state map that outlines areas with unspecified threatened and endangered species.

The University of Illinois Bulletin below contains a four step process for successful dicamba use in 2018; also posted below is an IFCA Regulatory Alert on Dicamba Use, IFCA Agrinews Editorial on Stewardship, and UI guidance on Adjacent & Neighboring sensitive crops.  

IFCA Spring 2018 Newsletter

Read the dicamba regulatory & stewardship reminders, regulatory updates and member activities in our spring 2018 newsletter.

February 9 Spring Nitrogen Webinar

Click here to download the slides from the Feb 9, 2018 Spring Nitrogen Webinar:  "Responsible Nitrogen Management in 2018:  Rates, Treatments & Timings" by Dr. Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois.  NREC funded the research that provided this information to the industry.  
Also click the link directly below for the recording that goes with Dr. Nafziger's Webinar.

Uniform Carrier Registration

Click below for a fact sheet on the Uniform Carrier Registration Requirement for Interstate Commercial Motor Vehicles.  

NREC Cover Crop Guidance Document

A cereal rye cover crop ahead of soybeans is the best way to get started if you are interested in cover crops!  View the PDF file below to check out this new step by step guide from NREC, based on successful cover crop management research.  

Applicator Training Course

The Applicator Training Course is up and running in Bloomington, IL.  Asmark in collaboration with AGCO developed the course for new applicators with less than five years’ experience.  Click here to see a video of the obstacle course along with information on registering for the course.    

NTIP Markings for Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tanks

There may be some confusion on markings on nurse tanks that are enrolled into the NTIP program.  The DOT-SP 13554 is no longer required as a marking on the side of the nurse tanks.  Click below for examples of current markings that are acceptable and markings that would be considered a violation. 

New IL Ammonia Rules & Compliance Guide

New rules for anhydrous ammonia facilities are effective July 1, 2016.  Click below for the new rules and a compliance guide from IFCA.

Restricted CDL For Transporting Ammonia Nurse Tanks

Click below for the application form to the IL Sec of State to obtain a restricted CDL for transporting ammonia nurse tanks.  

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IFCA's KJ Johnson spoke last night at Gifford State Bank appreciation fall dinner. The panel discussion was about…
Good crowd for the second IFCA/IDOA ammonia safety school of the fall. IDOA's Doug Weers is speaking to the class.…
It was a beautiful day yesterday for driving the sprayers at the Asmark Professional Applicator obstacle course. T…
Amazing what a timely rain can do. The is cereal rye that IFCA's Dan Schaefer had flown on September 5th in Dougla…
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Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Training in Springfield today.
IFCA's KJ Johnson spoke last night at Gifford State Bank appreciation fall dinner. The panel discussion was about crop protection products and regulations in agriculture. Thanks to Chad Colby for moderating the panel. #modernag #aginputs #cropprotection #agriculture #agnews
Good crowd for the second IFCA/IDOA ammonia safety school of the fall. IDOA's Doug Weers is speaking to the class. This class was in Bloomington at the Agricenter. There are four more classes next week. #Fertilizer #ammonia #saftey #ammoniasafety
Amazing what a timely rain can do. The is cereal rye that IFCA's Dan Schaefer had flown on September 5th in Douglas Co. This field will be going into soybeans next year. This is another NREC funded project. #covercrops #cerealrye #NREC #ILNLRS #agnews
IFCA would like to thank Congressman Davis for coming to Mahomet to talk about trade, farm bill, ag research and transportation. Thanks to Farm Credit Illinois for hosting. #farmbill #trade #ModernAg #Transportation #ag #Fertilizer #agriculture #tradenotaide

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