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AASA Inspecting Illinois Retailers with Bulk Pesticides this Summer

This summer the American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance (AASA) will be inspecting bulk pesticide facilities in Illinois to help ag retailers assure compliance with the USEPA regulations governing bulk pesticide storage, containment, and repackaging.  Bulk pesticide storage is defined as any stationary storage tank, over 500 gallons, which holds herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or other ag chemicals with a USEPA product registration number. 
The AASA inspects these facilities on behalf of Bayer, BASF, Corteva, Syngenta, UPL, Winfield United, Helena and Teleos—these companies deliver pesticides into stationary bulk storage containers and want to ensure that the facilities they are shipping to comply with USEPA regulations for tank integrity, containment, transfer, and repackaging. 
The AASA program is an industry stewardship program, it is not a government inspection.  
Ag retailers with stationary bulk pesticide storage tanks received a letter from AASA in early May, informing you of the inspection process; an AASA inspector will then call you to set up an appointment this summer for the inspection.  There is no charge for the AASA inspections, and you will receive a copy of your inspection report.  The only other people who see the report are the pesticide manufacturers who ship bulk pesticides to your location.   
AASA inspections have helped many ag retailers avoid costly USEPA or state penalties on items like not having current repackaging agreements, missing or incomplete tank labels, containment capacity discrepancies, lack of bulk product transfer areas, etc. 
You can learn more about the AASA inspection process and download the inspection checklist by going to the AASA website at  If you have any questions about the AASA program, please call or email Jean Payne, the AASA Program Manager, at or (309) 826-3236. 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this industry-led stewardship and compliance initiative.  AASA will inspect just over 1,500 ag retail locations in the blue states this year, as indicated on this map.