Dicamba Labels


Engenia Herbicide

EPA Reg. No.: 7969-345

XtendiMax Label

EPA Reg. No.: 524-617

FeXapan Label

EPA Reg. No.: 352-913

Tavium Label

EPA Reg. No.: 100-1623

Special Local Needs

XtendiMax - EPA SLN No.: IL-190001

Fexapan - EPA SLN No.: IL-190002

Engenia - EPA SLN No.: IL-190003

Tavium - EPA SLN No.: IL-190005


Dicamba Resources


2019 Dicamba Precautions

Provided by: U of I, Purdue, OSU

Guide for Keeping Weather Records

Provided by: North Dakota State University Extension Service

Inversion Guidance 2017 - NDSU

Provided by: North Dakota State University Extension Service

Differentiating 2,4-D and Dicamba Injury on Soybeans

Provided by: Purdue Extension