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Online Temporary Competent Attendant Ammonia Training

Illinois Department of Agriculture requires “Competent Attendant” training once every three years for employees that handle, store, transfer or transport anhydrous ammonia at any bulk anhydrous ammonia storage facility.  This online training serves as a temporary certification for new or part-time employees who were unable to attend in-person training.   
"Temporary Certified Competent Attendant" means a person who has successfully completed a Department approved online training course and received a certificate of completion.
The certificate will expire on July 15 or December 31 as indicated on the certificate and cannot be repeated or renewed.
Any further NH3 training must be an in-person training session.

Online Training

Thank you for your interest in taking the NH3 Online Training. You must create an account in order to access the training material and quiz. If you already have an account, please sign in to your My Account page.

NOTE: You must first complete the training material in its entirety before you can access the quiz.

NH3 Safety Presentation

The NH3 Safety Presentation consists of 75 instructional slides containing information and safety requirements about Anhydrous Ammonia. Participants must review ALL slides to complete the training. The NH3 Quiz will remain inaccessible until the NH3 Safety Presentation has been completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the training will be available for the duration of the participant's account validity.

NH3 Quiz


The NH3 Quiz consists of a random selection of thirteen T/F questions and twelve multiple-choice questions based on the NH3 Safety Presentation. Please complete all 25 given questions to complete the quiz.

PLEASE NOTE: NH3 Quiz allows for only three (3) attempts to pass. If attempts are exceeded without a passing grade, the participant must contact IFCA for further instructions.