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Ag Retailers: A Responsible Industry

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) prepared a very professional, short video that illustrates the commitment that ag retailers have toward safety, security, emergency response and regulatory compliance.  IFCA member Chad Lau of Burroughs Ag, also a volunteer firefighter, is featured in the video.  We recommend that you provide a link to this video on your company website and help spread the word that our industry is committed to stewardship and compliance in all aspects of what we do.  Click to access the video or go to

Condolences To Mark Kessinger Family

We were very saddened to learn that IFCA member Mark Kessinger, co-owner of Chatsworth Ag passed away this week after a battle with cancer.  Mark was always present at IFCA events and a strong believer in the value of the ag retailer to the industry as a whole.  He was a great guy and will be greatly missed.    Mark was just 52, an avid sports fan and enjoyed playing golf at the El Paso Country Club, Pontiac Elks and participated in the IFCA golf outings.  He was a member of the El Paso-Gridley Athletic Booster ...

IFCA Convention a Success!

We'd like to thank all of our members who braved the cold temperatures and snow to make the 2014 IFCA Convention a success.  Thanks also to all the exhibitors who ensured a sold out trade show, and our IFCA sponsors who helped to make the hospitality events so enjoyable.  The convention provides a great opportunity for industry education and fellowship, and helps to support the IFCA.  The dates for the 2015 show are January 20-22; the show will begin on Tuesday, with the trade show on Wednesday and Thursday.  Mark your calendars! 

IFCA Welcomes New Board Chairman for 2014

At the IFCA Annual meeting this past Tuesday, Brian Waddell was elected to serve as the Chairman of the IFCA Board of Directors for 2014.  Brian works for Marco NPK in Clinton, IL and was first elected to the IFCA board in 2007.  Thanks to Jeff Eggleston of Hintzsche Fertilizer who served as the 2013 Chairman.  The IFCA Board of Directors is a strong group of leaders and we thank all the Board members for their volunteer service to IFCA.  To view the IFCA Board of Directors, click here the site is being updated to reflect the new Executive ...

More Tier 2 Guidance

On your Tier 2 chemical inventory reports, there is a question this year that asks if you are a Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) facility.  Ag retail facilities are not TRI facilities, so you can check NO to this question.  Another question asks if you have a Risk Management Plan (RMP).  If your facility has anhydrous ammonia, you are required by USEPA to have a RMP and should check YES.  This will also automatically fill in a "yes" on the box that asks whether you are subject to Section 302 of the Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know (...

NREC Invoices for Fall 2013 Fertilizer Sales

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is in the process of sending out invoices for payments to the Nutrient Research & Education Council for fertilizer tons sold to the end user in the fall of 2013.  Please do not attempt to remit any payment to NREC until you receive a specific NREC invoice from IDA for this program.  There have been a few computer issues at IDA recently which has delayed some of the invoices, so please be patient until you receive the invoice.   You may remit the 25 cent per ton inspection fee directly to IDA as usual, ...

Nutrient Research & Education Council Announces 2014 Projects

The Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) recently announced that they are funding 15 projects in 2014.  These projects are a combination of research and education programs focused on nutrient application timings, sources and rates to reduce nutrient losses to the environment and increase economic returns for agriculture.  There are also projects studying cover crops and support for the "Keep it for the Crop" program where ag retailers engage farmers in on-farm research and new tools to better understand nitrogen movement in the soil.    The NREC press release announcing the projects can be viewed here http://ifca....

One Week Left to Declare your CDL Status

By January 30, 2014, all CDL holders must declare your status to the Illinois Secretary of State, choosing one of the following four categories:    1.  Non-excepted interstate driver (NI) 2.  Excepted interstate driver (EI) 3.  Non-excepted intrastate driver (NA) 4.  Excepted intrastate driver (EA)   Illinois ranks fifth in the US for states with the largest number of CDL drivers, following New York, California, Texas and Florida.  The Secretary of State's CDL office estimates that while 91% of Illinois CDL holders have declared, there are still 40,000 that have yet to do so.  You know how long the lines ...

Reflecting on Ammonia Safety

This week, our industry experienced a tragedy that we must all reflect upon.  A customer who had picked up ammonia nurse tanks from an IFCA member experienced a transportation related accident with the tanks, and passed away this week from complications of the injuries he sustained in that December 2013 incident.  We extend heartfelt condolences to his family.  With that in mind, please help to promote the utilization of the on-line farmer ammonia training video that IFCA hosts on our website.  We developed this program in 2013 for the sole purpose of providing an easy to access tool ...

Report Fertilizer on your Tier 2 Reports

The deadline for filing SARA Tier 2 reports is Saturday, March 1, 2014.  In addition to other hazardous chemicals that you have traditionally reported, please be sure to report fertilizers that have a reportable quantity (such as anhydrous ammonia) and all other fertilizers that you store in quantities of over 10,000 lbs on your Tier 2 report and submit a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  SDS sheets have replaced the MSDS sheets, and by June 15, 2015 the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) would like for you to update your filing with SDS sheets replacing the old MSDS sheets that you have on record with them.&...

Tier 2 Reports Due March 1

The deadline for submitting Tier 2 reports to Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is March 1, 2014.  Although anhydrous ammonia and ammonium nitrate have always been required to be listed on Tier 2 reports, US EPA is now requiring all fertilizer; such as DAP, MAP, UAN and Potash, to be reported on Tier 2 reports.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Kevin Runkle at the IFCA office.