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Conditions Signal Start of Fall Ammonia Season - UI Guidance

Dr. Emerson Nafziger, Professor Emeritus University of Illinois, released a Bulletin late in the afternoon on October 26, outlining the process of fall anhydrous ammonia application and considerations to follow for the beginning of this fall's nitrogen application season.  To see the Bulletin click on this link or download a PDF of the Bulletin here.     In the Bulletin, Dr. Nafziger explains soil temperature trends in October, the importance of soils being below 50 degrees and trending colder, the role of nitrification inhibitors, and rate recommendations for ...

CT Inspection Facilities

Click on "CT Inspection Facilities" to view CT facilities that are certified to perform testing for the Nurse Tank Inspection Program.

IDOA Pesticide Registration Tool

Need to check the registration status of a particular pesticide product?  Simply click the title heading to be redirected to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's website.  There you can type in the name of a product into the search feature to view results such as the registration number/status, active ingredients, expiration date, as well as other important information.  

IL Dept of Ag Approves Dicamba Labels; IL-Specific Restrictions on the Horizon

Today, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) adopted the federal labels for Xtendimax, Engenia and Tavium for use on soybeans in Illinois.  If and when USEPA approves the FeXapan label, we are confident it will also receive approval for use in Illinois.     In addition to clearing the way for the use of these herbicides on soybean in 2021, the label approvals also mean that Xtendimax and Engenia remaining in inventory, but whose labels were cancelled by USEPA on July 31, 2020, can now be sold and distributed.  When the FeXapan label is approved the same will be true.&...

IL Driver Services Offices Closed; CDL Offices Remain Open

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced late on Friday that due to an increase in Covid, driver services offices statewide will be closed from November 17 through December 7, 2020.     Expiration dates for driver's licenses and ID cards will be extended through June 1, 2021.  However, you can renew expiring licenses and vehicle registrations on-line at and are encouraged to do so.     CDLs and related endorsements are governed by federal law, therefore CDL driver service facilities in Illinois remain open.     To see the full press release and ...

New Requirements for Dicamba Application in 2019 - Operators need Applicator Designation

On October 31, 2018 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that registration Engenia, Xtendimax and FeXapan will be extended to December 20, 2020.  The announcement indicated that EPA has reviewed substantial amounts of new information and concluded that the continued registration of the dicamba products meets FIFRA’s registration standards. The Agency has also determined that extending these registrations with the new safety measures will not affect endangered species. The Press Release may be found here.     The key changes include: Two-year registration (until December 20, 2020) Only certified applicators may apply dicamba over the top (those working under ...

NH3 Safety Checklist for Growers

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) has an informative checklist for growers to serve as a reminder to keep safety in mind when handling anhydrous ammonia.

Pesticide Stewardship

Click the title heading above to be redirected to  The website provides several resources that have been reviewed and posted by Pestcide Safety Education Program Coordinators and Specialists from the Cooperative Extension Service, and cover all things pertaining to sound pesticide application.

Reminder About Custom Blending Regulations

IFCA wants to reminder our members that US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed out a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Compliance Advisory regarding custom blending. This encompasses blending pesticides with other pesticides, pesticides with fertilizer, and pesticides with feed.   There are no new regulations, but it is meant to clarify the existing regulations for those who custom blend. The information is below:   Definition: A custom blender is any establishment which provides the service of mixing registered pesticides to a customer’s specifications, specifically, a pesticide-pesticide, pesticide-fertilizer, or pesticide-animal feed mixture. Custom blending means the ...

Understanding the New ELDT Requirements

IFCA has receieved many questions regarding the new ELDT requirements that recently went into effect. IFCA understands the impact this new requirement has on our industry and our members, and has created a document addressing many of the topics where confusion still exists. Click on the document below, reach out to the IFCA office or contact KJ Johnson at with any questions you may have on ELDT.

Uniform Carrier Registration

Worker Protection Standard - How to Comply

Click below for resources on how to comply with the WPS which was initially effective on January 2, 2017 but has been temporarily delayed.  This regulation applies to ag retailers who employ handlers of pesticides.  

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