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Licensing, CDLs, Other COVID Issues

The on-line pesticide testing for commercial and private applicators is going very well and IFCA thanks the IL Dept of Ag for making this option available for those who need to become certified applicators ahead of the spray season.  IFCA has posted the instructions for requesting an on-line exam under our COVID 19 Resource section on the IFCA website.  This resource section has many helpful documents including a "Frequently Asked Questions" document that covers a variety of topics and answers to the questions we are asked the most.    
We wish we would tell you that you can get a CDL or endorsement at this time, but that is still not possible.  While existing CDLs, medical cards, endorsements and fingerprint checks have all been extended, with the Secretary of State offices still closed you cannot take the required exams in order to obtain a new CDL or endorsement.  We understand the challenges this causes for our industry and we hope some kind of alternative will be offered if the State shut-down continues much longer.  Everyone on the road please be safe, take your time, pay attention to the other drivers and let's try to get through this unprecedented national event as safely as possible.