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Other COVID-19 Considerations

In the days and weeks to come, we will all know more about the extent of COVID-19 in Illinois, the USA and other countries.  We can likely expect many more disruptions to our workplaces and our normal lives.  In addition to delays in pesticide licensing and training programs, other regulatory requirements such as drug and alcohol testing for employees, permit applications for your business, impacts to the supply chain, etc. may be affected.  We in agriculture, working closely with our regulatory agencies, feel confident that reasonable measures will be exercised by our state and federal governments to ensure agriculture can function to the best of our ability in the coming months.  IFCA will do all we can to ensure the needs of our members are addressed and will offer what we can as an industry to help each other, our customers and our communities.  
If you have specific concerns or issues please don't hesitate to contact us.  We ask that any upcoming visits to the IFCA be left for another time until this situation passes.  We plan to have staff at the office as much as possible, but email is another fast way to reach us:  
Jean Payne President:
KJ Johnson, Director of Government & Industry Affairs:
John Rebholz, Director of Safety & Education:
Leslie Forrest, Director of Programs:
Dan Schaefer, Director of Nutrient Stewardship:
Jason Solberg, Asst Director of Compliance Programs: