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IL Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Progress Report

This week, Illinois EPA and the Illinois Dept of Ag released a Biennial Report that outlines the state of water quality in Illinois, the progress being made on implementation of the 2015 Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, and the challenges that remain in our goals to reduce N and P losses to water in Illinois.  
IFCA joined with Illinois Farm Bureau, the Illinois Sierra Club and the Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies on a joint press release that highlights major findings in the report.  The on-going collaboration of agriculture, environmental groups, wastewater plants and the state agencies is to be celebrated, because working together will get to us our goals much faster than if we are working against one another, which is often the case in surrounding states who are also dealing with nutrient issues.  There is progress being made, but many challenges ahead to meet the goal of reducing N losses by 15% and P losses by 25% by the year 2025.  IFCA will continue to promote the 4Rs and the adoption of other practices on millions of acres in order to meet these goals and avoid a regulatory approach that could come if we don't continue to make progress.  
To see the full report, which includes highlights of IFCA's work (starting on page 76 of the report) and the 4R metrics survey results that our retail members provided, go to this website where you can view or download the report, the Executive Summary and the Science Assessment that outlines how levels of N and P are determined and from what sources they originate.  
For a  more in-depth understanding of the findings of the report, be sure to attend the 4R Field Day on December 12, from 8:30 to 1:30 pm at the Asmark Agricenter.  Click here to access the agenda, and to register send an email to  Attendance is free and lunch is provided.