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Dicamba Update

As of today, the Illinois Department of Agriculture reports that they have received a total of 211 formal pesticide related complaints since January 2019.  Of those 211 complaints, 171 are agricultural related, and 59 of the 171 ag complaints are dicamba related.  However, today is IDA is processing an additional 20 dicamba-related complaints that came in over the weekend.  To put this in perspective, prior to advent of dicamba application on soybean, the number of agriculture pesticide related complaints rarely exceeded 100-120 complaints per year.  
There have been a few unofficial reports of applicators suspected of applying dicamba after the July 15 cut-off date.  No dicamba can legally be applied to soybean anywhere in Illinois after July 15.  To do so is a "knowing" violation of the Illinois Pesticide Act, meaning enough points will be assigned to any applicator who applied after July 15 to warrant a monetary penalty and on top of that, the potential suspension of their applicator license based on the circumstances of the application.  It is also a serious violation of the Pesticide Act to make a fraudulent record of application, such as back-dating the date of application.  Anyone who impedes, obstructs or hinders an IDA investigation is also placing themselves in jeopardy of being charged with a criminal offense.  
The Illinois Pesticide Act is designed to uphold the integrity of the pesticide industry and to be responsive to anyone who feels that a misuse may have occurred.  The process of investigation outlined in the Act is also the method by which IDA maintains jurisdiction as the lead regulatory agency when it comes to pesticide use.  We know it can be frustrating sometimes to be party to an investigation, but IDA must follow the process outlined by the Illinois General Assembly and USEPA.  If you have questions about dicamba stewardship or the Illinois Pesticide Act, please contact IFCA.