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Update on Dicamba Training

By the end of this week, Illinois will have over 7,000 applicators trained to apply dicamba to soybeans in 2018.  We've completed over 80 class and have about 55 more on the calendar.  We added four classes that will be taught by Purdue University, thus giving those who attend these classes their certification to apply dicamba in both Indiana and Illinois.  Those classes are Feb 26 in Covington, IN; March 1 in West Lebanon, IN; March 8 in Vincennes, IN and March 13 in Allendale, IL.  There is no charge to attend any dicamba training classes, but please pre-register for them at
The Illinois Department of Agriculture WILL ACCEPT training programs in other states as meeting the training requirements for Illinois, so long as the program you attend in another state is also approved by that State Dept of Agriculture.  However, not many of the other states are being as flexible with reciprocity and may not accept the Illinois training.  Indiana for example will not accept Illinois training, so if you plan to apply dicamba to soybeans in Indiana, we recommend you attend one of the IN training classes.  
IFCA estimates we have about 14,000 people to train ahead of the 2018 soybean season, so we are about half-way there.  Thank you everyone for hosting meetings and for encouraging attendance at the training classes!  If you have questions about dicamba training please call IFCA.