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Pesticide Recordkeeping & WPS Training

We know everyone has been extremely busy, but with the cool and rainy days ahead, now is a good time to assure you have your records in order when it comes to sales of pesticides and Worker Protection Standard training.  
Please be sure that all sales of restricted use pesticides are linked to a person who has a current pesticide license.  One way to check is to go to the IL Dept of Ag website where you can search a person's name to see if they have a current license, or search a business name to see if they are a current Pesticide Dealer. Click here to access the license search feature.  It doesn't hurt to search your own name or company name to be sure you haven't accidentally forgotten to renew your license!  The penalties can be severe for violating this provision of the Illinois Pesticide Act, so take a few minutes and ensure you are in compliance.  If you have questions or need assistance please contact IFCA.  
The new Worker Protection Standard requires all pesticide handlers to be trained, even the persons at your company who are licensed pesticide operators.  You MUST use the USEPA approved slides to train your handler employees.  Go to to learn more about how to comply with the Worker Protection Standard or give us a call.