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Ammonia Training & Ammonia Application

The IFCA & IDA ammonia training schools are underway, and there are still opportunities next week to get your 3 year training certificate.  During the week of Feb 27 classes will be held in Marion, Effingham, Charleston and Bloomington.  Go to to register or call our office at 309.827.2774.  

Also, if you are applying ammonia early this spring, please follow the 4Rs and use N-Serve.  A new bulletin from the University of Illinois explains how this product has protected fall applied ammonia and the same logic holds true for early applied spring ammonia.  Click here to access the bulletin.  NREC is funding on-farm and university research sites to track nitrogen in the soil and determine its movement throughout the application and growing season.  

Finally, be safe!  Slow moving vehicle emblems mean you must transport ammonia nurse tanks slowly--25 mph.  Today an IFCA member took a photo of dual nurse tanks being transported down an Illinois Interstate.  This is NOT legal and very unsafe!  Please be sure to tell your farmer customers that ammonia wagons, no matter what size trailer they are on, cannot be transported on Interstates; no implement of husbandry is allowed on an Interstate highway in Illinois.  Call our office if you have any questions about ammonia regulations or ammonia safety.