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Illinois State Capitol Update

The General Assembly came back in session this week for a 3-day work week.  A few committees were scheduled but it was a very quiet week. The major conversations being held around the Capitol revolved around bill introductions. All bills have to be released from the Legislative Reference Bureau by next Friday. We are starting to see a few bills already kicked out and assigned to committee. Two bills that IFCA are extremely concerned about are SB2757 and HB4814.

SB2757 would eliminate pesticide preemption in the State of Illinois. As our members know, pesticide preemption passed in the early 90’s and IFCA led the initiative for this becoming state law. Pesticide preemption means that the State of Illinois (Illinois Department of Agriculture) regulates all pesticides rather than counties, cities, and townships. SB2757 has been assigned to the Senate committee. To view SB2757, please click here.

HB4814 would eliminate all seed treatments going into the future. This legislation first started in the State of New York. Now this legislation is in Illinois. IFCA is still looking over the details of this legislation, but we think it would pretty much phase out any seed treatments going into the future. To view HB4814, please click here.