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2023 IFCA – Illinois Custom Applicator of the Year Nomination Form

IFCA is pleased to announce the return of the Illinois Custom Applicator of the Year for our Illinois ag retailers and their custom applicators.  Last year we had such a wonderful response from our ag retail members submitting nomination forms that we just had to continue the program to recognize even more outstanding Illinois Applicators.  The nomination forms were narrowed down to four finalists for 2022 with the winner being announced at the MAGIE show last August. 
The finalists were:
               Scott Giles – Diamond Ag, Aledo, IL
               John Ehler – Ehler Brothers, Royal, IL
               Terry O’Brien – Brandt, Greenview, IL
               Tyler Wells – West Central FS, Maquon, IL

With the winner being John Ehler.

With that said, we need your help.  If you know of a custom applicator that deserves to be nominated, please submit a form as soon as possible.  There is no limit to the number of nominations a nominator can submit, but each must be a different custom applicator.  We will not accept nominations from those that nominate themselves.  Nominators must be from a company that is a member of IFCA.  Candidates must be an ag retail operator that has a primary job of operating application equipment.  You may nominate a previous applicator again if you submitted a nomination form last year and they were not the overall winner.
Please use this link to submit your nomination(s).  We need some information about the nominator along with the custom applicator.  The nominator also needs to answer four questions about the custom applicator.  This will help our nominating committee narrow the applications down to the top four finalists.  The deadline for nominating is May 23rd so please hurry in submitting a form.
The four finalists will attend the MAGIE show on Wednesday, August 23rd where the overall winner will be announced during the Tailgate Party.
Feel free to reach out to Leslie Forrest at 309.660.1971 if you have any questions.