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Illinois Attorney General Files Suit Against PFAS Makers

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul filed a lawsuit last week in Cook County against several manufacturers of PFAS products sold in the State of Illinois as consumer goods and for use in industrial processes. The suit alleges that these manufacturers have known for decades that PFAS are toxic and pose substantial health and environmental risks, yet continue to actively promote the chemicals as safe to manufacture and use. The lawsuit also alleges PFAS manufacturers distort scientific evidence concerning potential harms associated with PFAS, and that PFAS manufacturers have caused widespread contamination and injuries to Illinois’ natural resources.
The suit itself does not list any specified dollar amount but seeks to recover Illinois’ costs and damages from contamination. More specifically, it seeks to recover natural resource damages and other monetary damages necessary for state officials to continue identifying, monitoring and remediating PFAS contamination of Illinois’ environment, as well as restoration of natural resources. Monetary damages could also be used to further address PFAS contamination and restoration of natural resources throughout the state.
IFCA will be closely following this lawsuit and will keep our members abreast of any developments.  Legislation on PFAS was also introduced in spring session.