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EPA Releases Improved Version of Bulletins Live

EPA recently released an improved version of Bulletins Live! Two (BLT), the web-based application to access Endangered Species Protection Bulletins. The updated BLT offers new capabilities that enable users to more easily find the information they need to help protect threatened and endangered species and their designated critical habitat. The updates to BLT include faster load and search times by connecting directly to EPA’s Pesticide Product Label System; a modernized user interface with higher resolution basemaps; increased compatibility with more web browsers; and a simplified search function with clarified instructions for searching products by registration number.
As a reminder, the pesticide use limitations outlined in Bulletins Live Two are part of EPA's Federal program to protect listed species. Bulletins establish specific pesticide use limitations by geographic area for the protection of threatened and endangered (listed) species and their designated critical habitat. In addition, states may have pesticide use limitations beyond those found in the Bulletins. Information on Bulletins Live! Two and its corresponding new tutorial are available here