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Ag sector encouraged by infrastructure breakthrough

After securing an agreement on a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, Senate negotiators worked through the weekend to finalize the legislative text of over 2,700 pages. The bill could come up for a vote this week, but still needs to be scored by the Congressional Budget Office.
The Senate on Wednesday voted 67 to 32 to invoke cloture and cut off debate on a motion to proceed to the bipartisan infrastructure proposal. The procedural motion, which needed 60 votes, had support from 17 Republicans as well as all 50 Democrats. If CBO finds a shortfall between the revenue and spending provisions, senators will need to scramble to make up the difference as much of the recent discussion focused on how to pay for the investments.
Specifically of note for those in the ag sector, the bill provides $17.3 billion for ports and waterways, $65 billion for broadband and support for middle-mile deployment efforts, and $110 billion for roads, bridges and major projects.
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