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Farmer Ammonia Training - Frequently Asked Questions

IFCA thanks everyone who volunteered to become a classroom trainer for the new grower anhydrous ammonia training requirement.  Farmers or others on the farm who transport, apply, handle or work with ammonia equipment must become certified by April 1, 2022.  We encourage the trainers to begin hosting classroom training events for growers this summer.  
Please see this Frequently Asked Questions document about the farmer training.  One item to point out is that those who became certified to train growers CANNOT use the training materials to train industry employees.  Anyone who is employed by a business and handles ammonia as part of their work duties must have Certified Competent Attendant training; the grower training materials are not the same and will NOT suffice for certification for industry employees.  In addition, farmers who own ammonia storage tanks must also have competent attendant training (not grower training).  The grower training is intended for those who purchase ammonia from a supplier and who transport, apply or work with ammonia during the application seasons.   
Please visit the IFCA website for a sample letter to send to your grower customers about ammonia training, and additional information about grower training.  You can also call John Rebholz at the IFCA office at 309.827.2774 or