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Ammonia Safety This Spring

IFCA staff John Rebholz and Jason Solberg worked alongside the IL Dept of Ag inspectors this winter to teach 18 competent attendant ammonia safety courses; they finished their final class today.  Thank you to all the IFCA members who attended these in-person events.  It was great to see so many of you again, and help you achieve your 3-year ammonia safety certification.  
If you were not able to attend the classroom events, you can still become certified by going through the on-line safety course.  However, this course will only provide you with a certificate good for the upcoming season (in this case, the spring 2021 season).  Please try to attend the fall 2021 classroom events to become fully certified.  IFCA will have the fall NH3 safety school dates out by mid-summer.  To link to the on-line ammonia training, click here
This winter, IFCA also trained nearly 70 people within our industry who can now offer grower ammonia training to farmers.  Please help spread the word about grower ammonia training; growers and others on the farm who handle ammonia must achieve certification by April 1, 2022.  If you can begin to offer in-person farmer training this summer please do so.  You can visit the IFCA website here to access an informative flyer on grower training and a sample letter to send to your customers about the need to get trained and to share their training certificates with their ag retail ammonia suppliers.  
Above all else, take your time this spring, rely upon your training and have a safe and successful ammonia season!