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On-Line Pesticide Testing Update

The good news is that a lot of people are checking out the on-line pesticide testing program!  Several hundred have successfully passed their exams.  The bad news is that the site is experiencing a few glitches due to demand, and some people are getting kicked out of the program and having to log back in multiple times to complete the exam(s).  
The Illinois Dept of Ag is aware of the problem and is taking immediate steps to address this issue.  They hope by the middle of next week the issue will be resolved.  So be patient, and if you have an appointment early next week to take the exam, if you get kicked out of the program, you can pick up where you left off or reschedule to a later time to complete your exam.  If you haven't scheduled an on-line exam yet, you might want to give it until the end of next week to improve your chances of enjoying an uninterrupted experience.  Patience is a virtue!  
This Step by Step instruction sheet will also help you navigate the process of on-line testing.  Once you pass your exam(s) you will receive a license application in the mail from IDOA to pay for your operator or applicator licenses.  If you successfully pass a commercial applicator exam, you automatically qualify to be registered also as a pesticide dealer at the location where you work for no additional fee.  
If you just feel like you cannot take an on-line exam for whatever reason, you can sign up for in-person testing by going to this website.  The IDOA hopes to resume some classroom testing in January but that is uncertain.  However, you can sign up and secure a space, and if the class gets cancelled due to on-going covid restrictions, IDOA will notify you.  
Please feel free to contact IFCA if you have questions, or to report issues so that we can continue to pass along information to IDOA.  Visit our website at where we have more information and links posted on the home page.  Thank you!