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Dicamba Label Update; Dicamba Settlements

Illinois, Indiana and Arkansas remain the only 3 major soybean growing states who have not yet adopted the new federal labels for Xtendimax, Engenia and Tavium.  
IFCA supports the adoption of the federal labels.  We have had several phone calls with the IL Dept of Ag over the last six weeks urging the Department to approve the labels in Illinois.  The Department continues to look for options to add a state cut-off date of June 20 and a temperature restriction of 85 degrees, similar to the requirements on the 2020 labels in Illinois.  Unfortunately, there is no clear or easy way for IDA to add those restrictions since USEPA has stated they will no longer allow states to add label restrictions using the 24c (special local needs) process.  Indiana and Arkansas are going through a state regulatory process to add cut-off dates to their labels.  IDA is also considering the option of state rulemaking to add restrictions.  
IDA has assured us they do intend to allow use of these products in Illinois; we can only wait for IDA to make the determination when that will happen.  We will keep you posted.  IFCA has provided IDA with information on how the 2021 labels and seed trait options provide more options for growers and retailers to successfully manage dicamba and keep misuse issues far below what happened in 2019, when misuse claims topped 700.  
In related news, Bayer will soon begin paying dicamba damage claims to soybean and other growers to the tune of $300 million.  To see the story about this new development, click here.