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Fall Ammonia Safety Training

Ag retail employees who need to obtain their certified competent attendant certificates or renew their certificates for this fall's ammonia season can take the on-line training program to accomplish this regulatory requirement.  So far, nearly 200 people have successfully completed the on-line certification.  This is only a temporary certificate that expires on January 1, 2021.  IFCA continues to work with IDA on a plan to return to a more robust training program in 2021.  To access the on-line competent attendant certification training program, click here.  
Farmer Ammonia Training:  Rules that will require growers and others on the farm who transport, apply or work with ammonia equipment in Illinois should be finalized by year-end.  IFCA has been working with IDA and the farm groups on the training materials and we are very optimistic that this will have a positive impact on safety for the industry.  IDA plans to provide both on-line and classroom training opportunities for growers.  Ag retailers will play a key role in the communication of the new requirement and also have the ability to offer training to your customers using IDA training materials.  Stay tuned, and if you have questions in the meantime please call John Rebholz at the IFCA office or email