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And this was surprising how?

The House Special Investigations Committee II had its first substantive hearing last week and frankly nothing happened (or didn’t happen) that should have come as a surprise to anyone.
This is the committee looking into whether House Speaker Michael Madigan has engaged in conduct unbecoming a la
wmaker. (Spoiler alert: The Republicans say “yes,” the Democrats say “no.”)
House Republican Leader Jim Durkin was finally allowed to deliver some opening remarks, but it took the better part of an hour of partisan arguing before that came to pass.
Republicans grilled a Commonwealth Edison executive for hours about the Deferred Prosecution Agreement that ComEd signed while agreeing to pay a $200 million fine for giving contracts and jobs to Madigan associates. The exec provided some new information, but he also said this: “ComEd acknowledged repeatedly through the agreement that it believed or intended to influence the speaker through its conduct. Whether it in fact influenced the speaker, whether the speaker was aware of its intent to influence, those are questions that I’m not in a position to comment on.”
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