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IL Dept of Ag Issues Statement on Cease Use, Sale and Distribution of Dicamba Products

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, the lead regulatory agency for pesticides in Illinois, issued a short statement late this afternoon that states that due to the 9th US Circuit Court Ruling that immediately vacates the registrations for Xtendimax, Engenia and FeXapan, that these products cannot be sold, distributed or applied in Illinois effective June 3, 2020. 
Only Tavium, a dicamba containing product, remains legal to be used on soybean in Illinois.  But the use of Tavium must adhere to the Illinois Special Local Needs label, including a cutoff date of June 20 and a temperature restriction to not apply when the forecast high is above 85 degrees for the field of application.  
USEPA also released a much anticipated statement late this afternoon.  In their statement, they acknowledge the court ruling which vacates the registrations for these products, express their disappointment and sympathize with the impact on farmers and the ag industry.  They also state that the Agency continues to seek remedy to the decision.    
IFCA advises our members to comply with the IDA decision and inform your customers of this regulatory requirement.  Please contact Jean Payne at (309) 826-3236 or email if you have any questions.