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Dicamba June 20 Cutoff & 85 Degree Temperature Reminder

The Illinois Department of Agriculture re-affirmed to IFCA today that the June 20 cut-off date for the application of dicamba remains in place.  The Special Local Needs labels for over the top dicamba application to soybean also has a 85 degree temperature restriction, and you must use the website to obtain your dicamba weather forecast.  To see the Illinois Special Local Needs labels for Xtendimax, Engenia, FeXapan and Tavium, click here.  
For clarification, the 85 degree temperature restriction means that if the website has a forecasted high of 86 or more for the zip code of the field to be sprayed, then the entire day is a Do Not Spray day.  This week, many parts of Illinois will have a forecasted high of 86 or more.  In addition to looking at the graphic image of the forecasted high, you can also click on "detailed forecast."  The detailed forecast in many cases may say "high near 86" and IDA has clarified to IFCA that "high near 86" also means 86 degrees, and thus is a Do Not Spray day.  
IFCA encourages our members to keep very detailed records of dicamba application and we prepared a guidance document with the help of IDA to provide details on how to document temperature, wind speed, wind direction and the required downwind and endangered species counties buffers.  The IFCA recordkeeping guidance document is available here or on our website at  
We know the pressure that ag retailers are under to apply dicamba ahead of the June 20 cut-off.  Please be cognizant of the 85 degree forecast high temperature restriction as well.  Violation of either the cut-off date or the temperature restriction will very likely be considered a willful violation of the Illinois Pesticide Act.  Please communicate with your customers the label requirements so that they understand what the law is in Illinois.  If you have questions please contact Jean Payne at (309) 826-3236.