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Dicamba Cut-off Dates: Guidance on 45 Days & Replanted Soybean

This week we asked the Illinois Department of Agriculture for guidance on how the 45-day after planting dicamba cut-off date works if only part of a field is replanted.  Here is the guidance IDA provided:  
If only a portion of the field is replanted, that does not reset the 45-day application restriction for the entire field.  If the replanted areas can be clearly delineated and applications to those specific replanted areas are specifically documented, then it could be possible to apply to the replanted portions after the 45-days had expired from original planting date.  If such documentation cannot be produced, then the original planting date should be used.
IFCA prepared a dicamba recordkeeping guidance document to help our members better understand how to thoroughly document wind speed and direction, and the required buffers.  IDA provided input into this guidance document.  Please review the IFCA Dicamba Guidance to better understand the nuances of dicamba application and recordkeeping.