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Hand Sanitizers for Ag Retailers/Distributors

In an effort to keep essential agriculture employees and customers safe and healthy during this pandemic, IFCA was part of an effort with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and the Illinois Soybean Association Checkoff Program to help supply sanitizer to the ag retailers and distributors.  Ethanol plants are transitioning to produce sanitizer, and IFCA helped to coordinate pallet shipments of the sanitizer to help streamline the distribution of the sanitzer to the retail facilities.  The sanitizer comes in one-gallon jugs and will be distributed by Winfield United and GROWMARK/FS as normal input supplies are distributed or picked up at retail locations.  You will need to secure your own dispensers for the sanitizer.  We hope to have enough sanitizer to reach everyone soon; please email KJ Johnson at if you have questions.

IFCA thanks the Corn Marketing Board, Soybean Association Checkoff Program, Winfield United and GROWMARK/FS for working together on this program to help keep our industry employees and customers healthy this spring.