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Keeping Ag Input Supply Chain Employees Healthy is Imperative

IFCA has taken calls from the media, from our members and from farmers concerned about how COVID-19 measures may affect the supply chain this spring.  
Keeping employees in the ag input manufacturing, distribution and retail supply chain healthy, and reducing the spread of the coronovirus is the most important thing we can do to keep spring on schedule. 
Many manufacturers and distributors have already communicated to their retail partners their procedures to keep their employees healthy in order to protect the supply chain, including:  eliminating unnecessary travel, postponing face to face meetings, working remotely when possible, closing their businesses to the general public at this time, practicing good hygiene and promoting healthy habits.  This what the federal and state governments are asking us to do and we should all be adhering to these guidelines.  
Everyone in the agriculture supply chain wants this spring to be successful.  If we all work together to flatten the curve of the virus spread, the faster life will return to normal.  Stay positive with your employees and customers; it is clear our governments are working to reduce red tape to ensure critical supply chains remain operational, and based on what we have seen so far, agriculture is clearly one of those critical industries.