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Remove FT & FS License Plates

Please be sure to remove the FT and FS license plates from your fertilizer trailers (FT plate) and your fertilizer spreaders (FS plate) prior to going out on the highway this spring. 
These implements of husbandry no longer need to be registered with the Secretary of State, and therefore the license plates are no longer valid.  If you are on a public roadway with plates still on these vehicles, with the orange 2019 sticker on them, that just sends a signal to law enforcement that the plate is expired.  We can't expect all local or even state law enforcement officer to know that the law changed on January 1, 2020 and the plates are no longer required.  By removing the plates you reduce the chance of getting pulled over and then having to explain all of this to the officer.  IFCA initiated and ensured passage of this legislation for our members, so please take advantage of this regulatory relief and remove the plates. 
Be advised that this applies ONLY to the FT and FS plates, not to all trailer plates used to transport other items in agriculture (like water trailers, seed trailers, etc).  If you have questions please contact IFCA.