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March 27 NH3 Competent Attendant Course Cancelled

Because of state guidance to avoid large gatherings, IFCA has cancelled the March 27 anhydrous ammonia training class in Bloomington. 
BUT, we have talked to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and for those needing competent attendant certification prior to the spring 2020 ammonia season, you can take the IFCA on-line competent attendant course free of charge from March 16 through April 5, 2020.  The program will issue you a 90 day certificate that is recognized by the IDA.  To access the on-line ammonia competent attendant training program, click here:   The on-line training program is ONLY good for 90 days and cannot be repeated.  If you take the 90 day on-line class, you will need to attend to a fall ammonia class in order to receive a full 3 year competent attendant certificate.    
IFCA is contacting everyone who signed up for the March 27 ammonia class to go over options for training and also potentially credit you toward taking a class in the fall of 2020.  But, if you have questions please call us at 309.827.2774.