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Ban of Chlorpyrifos Products Continues to Expand

The effort to ban the use of chlorpyrifos products in agriculture continues to expand. Other states are following California’s example in prohibiting the use of Chlorpyrifos in agricultural production. The California Environmental Protection Agency announced back in October that the sale of chlorpyrifos will no longer be allowed beginning February 6th next year.
New York will now be the latest state to prohibit the use of the product. Beginning January 1, chlorpyrifos will no longer be allowed for aerial application, with the exception of apple tree trunks. A complete ban of the product will become effective in New York State beginning December 1, 2021.
Similar attempts to eliminate the use of the material are underway in Oregon, Maryland, and Connecticut. Hawaii approved a ban on chlorpyrifos back in June of 2018. Efforts to ban the use of chlorpyrifos are also increasing in international markets. During a regulatory committee vote earlier in the month, the European Union has decided that it will prohibit sales of chlorpyrifos after January 31, 2020.
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