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Behind Walmart's push to eliminate 1 gigaton of greenhouse gases by 2030

As the climate crisis facing the planet becomes more immediate — fueled by powerful images that include devastating floods in Venice and uncontrollable wildfires in the Amazon — companies are waking up to the role they play in climate change and announcing plans for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.
But one company was very much ahead of the curve. Walmart has been focused on sustainability since 2005. Following Hurricane Katrina and the devastation left in its wake, then-CEO Lee Scott announced a change in the company's mindset, which included focusing on ways the retailer could become more environmentally friendly.
These goals have continued under Walmart's fifth and current CEO, Doug McMillon.
At CNBC's "Evolve" conference in November, McMillon said the retailer focuses on "close to the core" ways in which it can enact change — selling more sustainable products, for example, and focusing on more efficient packaging methods to reduce waste.
Walmart, this includes the carbon footprint of its suppliers.
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