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Bill to Remove Plates on Fertilizer Wagons & Floaters Heads to Governor

In a year when good news has been in short supply, we have some welcome news for our members today.   
Yesterday, HB 2669 passed the Senate unanimously, removing the requirement for license plates on fertilizer wagons (nurse tanks & buggies) and self-propelled fertilizer and pesticide application equipment when laden with load.  The bill is now on its way to the Governor's Desk. 
The bill was an initiative of IFCA, and passed unanimously thanks to the hard work of KJ Johnson, IFCA's Director of Government & Industry Affairs, and with support from our two bill sponsors, Senator Neil Anderson (R-Moline) and Representative Mike Unes (R-Pekin).  We'd like to thank the Illinois State Police, the Secretary of State and Illinois DOT for working with us on this issue; IFCA's great working relationship with our state agencies was key in setting the stage for passage of this bill.  We'd also like to thank the other ag groups and the Midwest Truckers Association for their support.  IFCA will now work with the Governor's office to assure his signature on the bill as soon as possible.  For now, keep operating as usual until the final signature is placed on this legislation; we will continue to keep you posted and let you know where everything is finalized.    
Please keep in mind that the Illinois Vehicle Code still requires self-propelled floaters and sprayers to be no more than 12 feet wide, weigh no more than 36,000 lbs (loaded or empty), travel no faster than 30 mph and operate within a 50 mile radius of their point or origin.  If you exceed any of those parameters then you face penalties under state law and potentially lose the implement of husbandry designation (meaning the floater or sprayer becomes a commercial motor vehicle and thus subject to all CMV regulations).  So watch your speed, weight, width and radius and please operate the vehicles safely on the highway.  Keeping your speed down to maintain control at all times is critical to avoid attention and accidents.