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Dicamba Label Training Starts this Week

IFCA is helping to coordinate some classroom opportunities for the required dicamba-auxin specific training.  Certified applicators who apply dicamba to soybean in 2019 MUST attend the training or complete the on-line training when it becomes available.  
We have coordinated some classroom training opportunities following the private applicator clinics.  The first training class is being taught by BASF at 3:00 pm this Thursday, Nov 29 in Springfield at the Wyndham City Centre.  Please help spread the word to your customers who may not feel comfortable with on-line training.  Anyone can register to attend this training, free of charge, by going to and click on "register."  Right now there are only 3 classroom opportunities listed but plan to add more private clinic venues to the list soon.    
Because on-line training offered by the registrants will also be accepted this year, classroom training opportunities may be limited so please help us spread the word.