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EPA says no health risk from trace amounts of herbicide in breakfast cereals

An environmental advocacy group reports it has found small amounts of a herbicide in consumer foods including breakfast cereals, saying there is cause for concern even though the amount is within limits allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Just how much, if any, of the herbicide can be considered safe is a matter of long-running scientific and legal debate. The Environmental Working Group's standard for what's acceptable is, by far, the most conservative, beyond even that of California, which has the tightest regulation in the country.
The Environmental Working Group commissioned tests of popular breakfast products, including Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal and other breakfast cereals and found low levels of glyphosate, a weedkiller sprayed on crops, in all 28 samples it tested. The group says companies should do more to eliminate chemicals from food products, even if the levels are within the limits of what the government considers safe.
Quaker insists its products are safe and called the EWG study "invalid."
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