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Emergency Response Procedures

Please take it slow and be safe this fall.  Ammonia nurse tanks should not exceed 25 mph when towed on a public highway.  If you do happen to have an accidental ammonia release, the reportable quantity is 18 gallons or 100 lbs of ammonia.  When it doubt, report the release to the proper authorities within 15 minutes of your knowledge of the release.  If the farmer is in control of the ammonia, they should make the phone calls.  If you determine later that less than 100 lbs was released, you can always send in a supplemental report that an RQ was not released.  We are here to help so please call IFCA if we can assist you in any emergency.  
The Illinois emergency response factsheet is available by clicking here at on our home page at  Follow the instructions on the fact sheet when an incident occurs, it is the best way to avoid problems later.