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Oct 19 Webinar: Guidance on Fall N Start Dates and N Management in 2019

Balancing logistics, weather, grain and nitrogen prices, stewardship, customer relations and public expectations is no easy task for IFCA ag retailers.  IFCA understands the challenges our retail members face!   
If you are looking for guidance on when to begin Fall N applications given the current cold snap, nitrogen management and rate recommendations for 2019 and what NREC funded on-farm research revealed in 2018 on corn response to different sources, rates and timing of N, then register today for a free webinar this Friday, October 19 at 8:30 am central time.   
Dr. Nafziger will discuss these topics and you'll be the first to see and learn about some of the research results from 2018 nitrogen rate trials and nitrogen tracking studies.  Click here to register for the webinar.  We will also record the webinar and post it at for later listening.  We know this is a busy time for our members, but if you can start the day with timely information on nitrogen management for the 2019 crop, this is a great opportunity.
IFCA appreciates GROWMARK hosting this webinar, and thanks NREC for supporting the research that helps guide science-based nitrogen management decisions in Illinois.