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How to Check Status of Applicator Licenses

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is doing their best to issue pesticide applicator licenses in a timely fashion, but they have struggled with lack of human resources at IDA and are admittedly behind in getting the licenses issued this year.  
We have been getting calls at IFCA office from retailers and distributors who want to know what their options are for selling restricted use pesticides to either commercial or private applicators if that applicator has not yet received their license from IDA.  
IDA has confirmed that you can access the Pesticide Applicator Search option on the IDA website to verify the status of the applicator for purposes of selling them RUP products.  Click here to be directed to the IDA applicator search website.  You can search for an applicator's license status by name, county or license number.  If the database shows that they are currently licensed by IDA, you can use this site as evidence for selling them a restricted use pesticide, just be sure to record their license number on the record of sale.  If you are a commercial applicator, you can also use the website as proof that you are properly licensed to apply pesticides even if you don't have your paper license yet from IDA.  
If you do not see your name in the IDA database, but are confident that you or one of your customers has passed the exam and sent in the application and payment to IDA, please call IDA at 217.785.2427 and ask them to check on the status of the license.  
This issue of delayed licenses will get better in time once the transition to a 3-year license is fully in place.  Once it is, you will send in an application and payment the same year in which you test, and your license will be good for three years, reducing the paperwork for the industry and IDA substantially.  IFCA supported legislation to make this change in the Pesticide Act, so we appreciate everyone's patience and support.  If you have concerns or questions please call IFCA.