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Dicamba Training - State Reciprocity

A commonly asked question about the required dicamba training is whether the states will recognize training that an applicator may attend in another state, especially when the applicator might apply product in more than one state.
We have an answer for you.  At the IFCA convention last week, the Illinois Department of Agriculture announced that they WILL accept training that an Illinois applicator receives from attending another state's approved dicamba training program.  For example, if an Illinois applicator attends a dicamba training class in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri or Kentucky, and the program he or she attends was approved by that State as an official dicamba training class, then IDA will recognize that as also meeting the Illinois dicamba training requirement.  However, check to make sure that the out of state classes you attend are approved by that State's Department of Agriculture and please maintain a copy of the training certificate that you receive from any out-of-state dicamba training.  
The one exception to this very workable framework is that while IDA will accept the dicamba training being offered in Indiana, the Indiana Office of State Chemist will NOT accept the dicamba training being offered in Illinois.  So, if you are applying dicamba to soybeans anywhere in Indiana, even if you've gotten your training certificate in Illinois you still have to take an Indiana dicamba training class; Purdue University is teaching the Indiana dicamba training classes.  IFCA is working to get some Indiana dicamba training classes scheduled along the IL/IN border later this winter, so stay tuned.  But if you live near the Indiana border and you see an Indiana class within a reasonable drive, we highly recommend you attend and cross it off of your to-do list.  
We continue to add classes to the Illinois Dicamba Training Website: