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Fertilizer Product Registration

If your company name & address appears on a fertilizer invoice or delivery ticket, the Illinois Fertilizer Act requires you to register each individual fertilizer grade at $20 per product.  This is not a new requirement, but IDA is following up with retailers as they do fertilizer sampling, to ensure you have your products properly registered.  Even though you are not changing the guarantee or altering the product from the manufacturer or distributor, registration is still required if your company name appears on label or invoice when the product is distributed to the farmer.  This only applies to single fertilizer products that are sold or distributed; custom mix products do not require registration.   
When submitting your fertilizer registration form to IDA, also include an example of an invoice or delivery ticket listing all fertilizer products that you are registering.  Include on the example invoice or delivery ticket the following information:  Your company name and address, the customer name and address, the net weight and quantity of the product, and product grade.  If listing by gallon include weight per gallon.  Please contact John Rebholz at 309.827.2274 or with questions.