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Fall Ammonia Season is Here

IFCA would like to send a BIG THANKS to our members who have diligently and voluntarily held off on applying ammonia until the cooler weather set in.  With near freezing temperatures expected this weekend, the season is now upon us and your stewardship efforts to wait until the "right time" are noticed!    
As ammonia application begins, please contact us if we can be of any assistance.  We know everyone strives to have no ammonia releases, but if you do have a release, the person in charge of the product at the time of the release must contact the NRC, IEMA and your local LEPC within 15 minutes of the reportable release (100 lbs of ammonia).  Even if you are not sure of the amount released, if you suspect it is over 100 lbs you should call these numbers, you can always file a report later with the actual amount released and if it less than 100 lbs then no harm done by reporting just in case.  But if you fail to report in time, then fines can be very costly especially from USEPA.   Click here for an emergency fact sheet explaining the reporting requirements.