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Tier 2 Hazard Categories Expanding in 2018

When you file your Tier 2 chemical inventory reports this coming March 2018, there is a major change in the report you need to start preparing for now.  USEPA has expanded the physical and health hazard categories that you are required to enter from the Safety Data Sheets for each chemical you report.  The reason for doing this is to align with the Global Harmonization System (GHS).  There are now 23 categories within the physical and health hazards established by OSHA.  
IFCA is on the Advisory Committee for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)'s State Emergency Planning Commission.  At the meeting this month, IEMA informed us that they plan to have the Tier 2 on-line reporting system updated to accept the new hazard categories early this summer. As soon as the update to the system is complete, we will let you know.  If you have a substantial number of chemicals to report, we recommend you log into the system this summer and begin updating the physical and health hazard categories for the chemicals you report.  If you wait until February 2018 to do this, you may become frustrated!  Please be sure you have a recent Safety Data Sheet that lists the new GHS categories for reference.  IEMA also requires you to upload current SDS sheets into the Tier 2 system for the chemicals that you report.  
If you are an Asmark Institute client, Asmark is working to automatically upload the new physical and health hazard categories for all chemicals reportable on the Tier 2 forms.  Click here for an explanation of the new changes to the Right to Know Reporting System.  Please contact IFCA if you have any questions; again, we will notify you when the Illinois Tier 2 System is ready to begin accepting revisions to the on-line reporting system.