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Spring Ammonia Safety

Be sure to remind your customers who are picking up nurse tanks that implements of husbandry ARE NOT ALLOWED on interstate highways.  We've had several incidents of this in the past year.  We know the running gears underneath the double nurse tanks are nice, but they are still not designed for highway speeds, and Illinois law prohibits implements of husbandry on interstate highways.  Ammonia nurse tanks are implements of husbandry.  IFCA also discourages taking nurse tanks through heavily populated areas, so even if a road through a large town might be the shortest distance between farms, please find a safer and less populous route.  Be safe and not sorry.  If you have any questions about ammonia safety or compliance with the ammonia rules please call John Rebholz at the IFCA office.  
One final reminder:  All reportable releases of ammonia (greater than 18 gallons or 100 lbs) must be reported immediately to the National Response Center, IEMA and the local emergency responders.  Click here for the Reporting Fact Sheet and contact IFCA for assistance if you have a release.