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Bruce Rauner, Rahm Emanuel and Michael Madigan butt heads over the Illinois budget

Gov. Bruce Rauner made some news the other day when he went on Dan Proft's WIND-AM/560 radio show and whacked Mayor Rahm Emanuel but good.
“It's so unfortunate the way the mayor is failing the people of Chicago and he's looking to blame other people for it,” Rauner told Proft. The mayor has done “virtually nothing” to reform the city's government and its schools, he added.
Rauner wasn't totally wrong on either point.
As a buddy of mine says, Emanuel is a better mayor than Richard M. Daley was, but he's not nearly good enough. Daley set the bar very low and Emanuel is just barely clearing it, which is frustrating to anyone who thought he would do a much better job.
Yes, police shootings are down under Emanuel, but nobody could ever say that the policy changes have been anywhere near adequate.
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