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Ammonia and Propane, Wallet Cards

Unless you are very careful and follow all protocols, IFCA recommends against converting nurse tanks from ammonia to propane service and then back to ammonia.  Ammonia and nitrogen stabilizers have a tendency to react to any foreign materials, including propane and water that can be present in the tank.  Given the difficulty in repairing nurse tanks and the scarcity of R stamp welders who are the only ones certified to repair tanks, it makes sense to keep the tanks dedicated to one product only.  For a list of R stamp welders in Illinois, go to and click on Regulations and then DOT or Ammonia. 

IFCA has prepared laminated wallet cards with the proper procedures to follow if you have a release of anhydrous ammonia.  We plan to distribute these at the ammonia schools this spring, but if you would like a supply now, just let us know and we'll get them in the mail to you.  We recommend you give them to your customers who use ammonia; tell them to keep them in their tractor cab in case of emergency.