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Tom Torretti

Consolidated Grain and Barge Company

Tom Toretto was born in St. Louis, MO on October 9, 1951, the son of Al and Annie Toretto. He grew up in South St. Louis, graduated from St. Mary’s high school in 1970. In 1974 he graduated from St. Louis University with a BS in business adminstration and was a 3 time NCAA division 1 soccer champion. He started his career in the barge business at age 16 working summers at Federal Barge Lines while going to high school and college.

At Federal Barge Lines he worked in accounting, marine department ordering groceries and stores for federals boats, requesting crew members from the union to catch boats and dispatching. He started his career at CGB on July 29, 1974 working in s/b grain freight logistics and subsequently s/b grain freight. He then moved into barge dispatching in CGB’s Marine Group until he was tapped to be assistant manager of bulk sales. He then became manager of bulk sales and was then promoted to vice president of bulk sales.

In 1990, CGB’s barge assets were sold to Conagra/Peavey. He was part of the sale along with other CGB employees to Conagra/Peavey where he was vice president of bulk sales. In 2000, as GM/President of Peavey Barge Lines, he was heavily involved with the sale of Peavey Barge to ACBL. In the fall of 2000, he came back home to CGB where he is presently general manager of CTLC sales and marketing and director of bulk sales for Cooper Consolidated LLC.

He is married to his wife Gail and has two sons, Michael and Andrew.


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