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Bayer Willl Not Take Glyphosate Out of Farmers’ Hands

 “We run, hands down, the best crop business in the world, which is all clouded by the fact that we have the litigation overhang,” Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer AG, told a group of investors this morning.
He was talking about the thousands of legal actions against the company from people claiming Roundup, which contains glyphosate, causes cancer. Baumann outlined how Bayer would mitigate the legal actions surrounding its glyphosate litigation and provide a path forward for investors, while safeguarding the product for farmers and ranchers.
In May, Bayer decided to discontinue the national claims process regarding the Roundup lawsuits. The company then presented a five-point plan of legal and commercial actions that would allow it to gain more control of the process moving forward. “And actually, to provide a path toward closure of the glyphosate litigation,” Baumann added.
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