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Biden Rolls Out Strategy to Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted the fragility of supply chains in the U.S. To build a more resilient supply chain, the White House just published a 250-page report with assessments and an expansive list of recommendations.
To discuss what these recommendations mean for agriculture, Jared Bernstein, White House Council of Economic Advisers, joined AgriTalk Host Chip Flory on Tuesday, June 8. Listen to their discussion:
“When you're thinking about supply chains, our goal is more resilient, less fragile,” Bernstein says. “We have seen the fragility of our supply chains exposed during the pandemic. We need to rebuild them with the values of quality, diversification and redundancy.”
Bernstein says the plan will help the U.S. be a global competitor in areas such as advanced manufacturing, semiconductors, large-capacity batteries, electrical vehicles, pharmaceuticals and critical minerals.
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