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Fertilizer Logistics: Insight Into Getting It Right This Planting Season

Spring is upon us and farmers, suppliers, and transporters are all busy preparing for the planting season, which includes lining up fertilizer supplies and accurately estimating inventory needs. Due to the hustle to get ready and some global inventory imports coming into the Gulf Coast slightly behind schedule, the 4Rs (right place, right time, right product, and right rate) are a high priority for our industry right now.
Right Place: Prepping fertilizer for the North American spring season requires planning, contracting, staging, and execution to have the right product in the right place for end-users. Most of the nutrients applied to crops in the U.S. and Canada are moved by vessels, barges, and railcars months in advance. Proactive planning and coordination are key to logistically transporting fertilizer from global and domestic supply origins to retailers and farmers across each state.
Right Time:  A vast footprint and extensive distribution network are behind the fertilizer logistics business. At ADM, we are proud to be able to serve this industry with a best-in-class footprint. The collective workings of our industry are responsible for bringing nutrients to farmers in time for spring planting. Below are insights into the current transportation conditions and inventories, and how our team is adjusting to help farmers in our local markets:
River Conditions: A promising spring season seems to be shaping up on the river. If the weather continues to cooperate and there are no major rainstorms or monsoons, there will be a successful start to the planting season across many regions. One underlying concern is a vessel delay by the New Orleans area since there is a high volume of nutrient imports coming in for distribution.
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